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Investors, come join the
Techno X-Derm with

Since 2008, COROEBOS®, whose name was inspired by the first winner of the Olympic Games in the Ancient Greece, is the first brand specialising in
organic care and hygiene products for sportsmen and women.

Our care and hygiene formulations with essential oils have been developed by athletes for athletes.

Because the spirit of togetherness and

the values of mother Earth can be found in sport,

COROEBOS® wanted its products made of essential oils

to be labelled organic.



a disruptive technology


Our SME, dedicated in developing eco-friendly barrier products for the skin,

is also preparing for the X-Derm technology launch with a holistic approach combining

innovative dermocosmetics, disruptive low carbon process,

environmental benefit and industrial ambition.


COROEBOS® patented a formulation without silicone and conservative agents which

protects dry, damaged or affected skins, especially for water sports.


This technology has outlets in two major

markets: dermocosmetics and pharmaceuticals with several submarkets.

In 2016, the global markets are estimated at respectively €120 and 78 billion.

To launch the X-Derm technology onto the market,

COROEBOS® is looking for investors and partners.



CEO, founder :

Marie Christine Dos Santos

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